Miles, like kilometers, are a unit of length for measuring and indicating distance. This unit is mainly used in the English-speaking world. One mile is 1.61 kilometers (km). This means that one kilometer is the equivalent of 0.62 miles.




Table - mi in km

Mile (mi) Kilometers (km)
1 mi 1,61 km
55 mi 88,50 km
66 mi 106,19 km
75 mi 120,68 km
120 mi 193,08 km

Table - km in mi

Kilometers (km) Mile (mi)
1 km 0,62 mi
50 km 31,05 mi
75 km 46,58 mi
150 km 93,15 mi
180 km 111,78 mi

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Converting kilometers to miles is a common process in physics and in everyday life, especially when working with international units of measurement. One mile corresponds to approximately 1.60934 kilometers.

So if you want to convert a distance from kilometers to miles, divide the number of kilometers by 1.60934.

Formula: Miles = kilometers / 1.60934

Conversely, if you want to convert a distance from miles to kilometers, multiply the number of miles by 1.60934.

Formula: Kilometers = Miles * 1.60934

Please note that these conversions are based on the international mileage system and do not apply to other mileage systems (such as the nautical mile).

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