The unit of measurement barrel ( bl or bbl for short) comes from the English and means "barrel". It is a measure of volume and is mainly used for crude oil. One barrel (bl) corresponds to exactly 158.9873 liters. That is 159 liters rounded. Conversely, one liter corresponds to 0.0062898108 bl.




Table - Barrel in Liter

Barrel (bl) Liter (l)
1 bl 158,99 l
10 bl 1.589,87 l
25 bl 3.974,68 l
50 bl 7.949,37 l
100 bl 15.898,73 l

Table - Liter in Barrel

Liter (l) Barrel (bl)
1 l 0,0063 bl
330 l 2,08 bl
500 l 3,14 bl
700 l 4,40 bl
1.000 l 6,29 bl

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A barrel is a unit of measurement often used in the oil industry. A US barrel of oil is equivalent to approximately 158.987 liters. However, this conversion is specific to oil, as 'barrel' can represent different quantities in other contexts.

To convert barrels to liters, you simply multiply the number of barrels by 158.987. For example, if you want to know how many liters are in 5 barrels, you would multiply 5 by 158.987 to get the result 794.935 liters.

When converting liters to barrels, the process is reversed. Divide the number of liters by 158.987 to get the number of barrels. So if you want to know how many barrels are 500 liters, divide 500 by 158.987 to get about 3.145 barrels.

It's important to note that these are standard conversions and certain types of liquids can vary as density plays a role. For example, a barrel of beer or wine may have a different amount in liters than a barrel of oil.


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