A gallon ( gal. for short) is an American hollow measure and is mainly used to indicate the volume of a room in the USA. One gallon (gal) corresponds to exactly 3.7854 liters. Conversely, one liter corresponds to 0.2642 gal. A British gallon corresponds to 4.546 l.




Table - Gallon in Liter

Gallon (gal) US Liter (l) Gallon (gal) UK Liter (l)
1 gal (US) 3,79 l 1 gal (UK) 4,55 l
10 gal (US) 37,85 l 10 gal (UK) 45,46 l
25 gal (US) 94,64 l 25 gal (UK) 113,65 l
50 gal (US) 189,27 l 50 gal (UK) 227,30 l
100 gal (US) 378,54 l 100 gal (UK) 454,61 l

Table - Liter in Gallon

Liter (l) Gallon (gal US) Gallon (gal UK)
1 l 0,26 gal (US) 0,22 gal (UK)
330 l 87,18 gal (US) 72,59 gal (UK)
500 l 132,09 gal (US) 109,98 gal (UK)
700 l 184,92 gal (US) 153,98 gal (UK)
1.000 l 264,17 gal (US) 219,97 gal (UK)

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Converting gallons to liters is a common topic in physics and chemistry classes, and it's also useful in everyday life, especially when working with systems that use different units of measurement. It is important to note that there are different types of gallons: US liquid gallons and British gallons.

One US liquid gallon is approximately 3.78541 liters. So if you want to convert the number of gallons you have into liters, simply multiply the number of gallons by 3.78541.

One British gallon, on the other hand, equals about 4.54609 liters. If you want to convert the number of British gallons you have into liters, simply multiply the number of gallons by 4.54609.

It is important to distinguish between these two types of gallons, as an error in the conversion can lead to significant differences. In general, the US liquid gallon is used in the US, while the UK uses the British gallon.

Example: If you want to convert 5 US gallons to liters, you would calculate 5 times 3.78541, which is approximately 18.92705 liters. For 5 British gallons, on the other hand, you would calculate 5 times 4.54609, which is approximately 22.73045 liters.


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